Trick to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp

How to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp ? Whatsapp no undoubtedly is the largest platform for messaging or chatting. Most of its users know the general options or tricks that can manage or execute with whatsapp. We are trying to provide as many as latest and hidden tricks of whatsapp from our website. One of those trick which we are here discussing is “How to Send Blank message from whatsapp”. We are here providing trick of How to send blank message on Whatsapp in 2 methods. You can use the method which you think is easy for you. So have a look at the trick of How to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp.

Trick to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp

This is one of the simplest trick that most of the Whatsapp users don’t know. We are here providing this trick in 2 methods from below. You can check all the methods and choose the best trick or the easiest trick which you like. So, have a look at all the below mentioned methods to send Blank messages using whatsapp.

Top 2 methods of Sending Blank Messages in Whatsapp

There are many methods available to do this trick among the web, but we are providing the best available top 2 methods to Send Blank Whatsapp Messages to your friends. So, lets have a look at these methods of doing the trick from below.

Method 1: How to Send Black Message on Whatsapp using PC

If you are using Windows with your computer, then you can do this trick in a very easy manner. Just follow the step-by-step process to do this trick.

  • The first step you have to do is to open Notepad in your computer .
  • Now type “Alt + 0160” or “Alt + 255” using the Num pad (Located in the right-side of your keyboard). Typing these digits will add a blank space in Notepad.
  • Once you have entered the digits and you see that a blank space is created, save the file and transfer it to your android smartphone or tablet. You can transfer it to any other device too which has Whatsapp installed on it.
  • Now go to “File manager” or the location where the file is stored. Open the file and copy the contents which are present in the file. Once the content is copied open Whatsapp and select the contact to which you want to send blank message. Paste the content and hit Send button. Blank message will be sent to your friend.

Method 2: Send Blank Message in WhatsApp using Noword App

This is the one of the simplest method to send Whatspp blank messages to your friends. Sending blank messages in Whatsapp using android apps is one of the simplest ways to do so. Here we are mentioning the Android application called Noword app which will help you in doing this trick.

You can Download Noword app from the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded and installed this application on your android phone, you just have to tap the Send button. As soon as you will tap on the send button the app will ask you how to complete the operation. You have to select Whatsapp from the list.

Just after the selection, Whatsapp will be opened on your android device. Now you can select the contact to which you want to send blank message in Whatsapp. The message delivered will be blank.

So, this are the tricks with which you can send blank messages from whatsapp to your friends. So, if you have any doubts relating to this trick, ask us from comment. If you know any of the advanced methods to do this trick, share the trick using comment box.

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