How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android/iPhone – New Tricks

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android/iPhone. Whatsapp is the Application which most of the people use for communication and sharing purpose with their friends using options like chatting and making calls which includes video calls also. The best part about this app is that it is free of cost and just data charges applicable with its usage. Here we are providing the information about How to record whatsapp calls on your mobile device whether it is android or iPhone.

Why Use Whatsapp calling?

  • It is secure
  • Free of cost
  • Connects directly
  • Easy to call

Many people are searching across the internet to know How to record calls of whatsapp on their devices. Some of our blog readers are asking to publish a post on Whatsapp Call Recording or Whatsapp Call Recorder Trick. So, we are here providing the details regarding this aspect after some research made. So, have a look at Whatsapp call recording technique from this article.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls

Below we have provided various methods to record whatsapp calls. We have provided whatsapp call recording tricks for both android and iphone separately. So, have a look at those methods to try whatsapp call recording.

Record WhatsApp Calls On Android Device


If you are looking for recording whatsapp calls on your Android device in a safe and secure manner then follow the below mentioned trick. This trick will helps you in recording whatsapp calls in a very secured manner.

  1. Open Play store & Search for Messenger Call Recorder app.
  2. Now Download and Install the app.
  3. Once installation completes, you need to open this app and it will ask you to enable the “Messenger Call Recorder” from your device settings.
  4. Just Click on “ENABLE NOW” and you will be directed to the device Settings where you can enable it there.
  5. You can also do this manually by going to Device Settings and select Accessibility. Here just tap on Messenger Call Recorder to enable it.
  6. And Finally just make a call and it will be recorded to your device.
  7. To check the recordings you need to open the Recorder app and you can see it listed there.
    Messanger Call Recorder

This is how you can record your whatsapp call on your android device. This whatsapp call recorder app helps you to record your whatsapp call in your android device.


For this method, you need to have a special application on your Android device.
Follow these steps to have it and enable it.

1. First, you must have this application, If don’t then you have to download Whatsapp Call Recorder app on your device from Google Play store.
2. After successful download, you need to install it and open it on your Android device.
3. Now you can open your Whatsapp (original) application on your Smartphone and make a call to any of your WhatsApp contact.
4. To use this trick, when your call gets connected, you need to open the downloaded application i.e. Whatsapp call recorder app and to record the call Just click on Red circle button.


5. The call will start recording on your device. When you want to stop recording whatsapp call, just click on the square button which is just below the Red button.
6. Once the recording stops it will be automatically saved on your SD Card.

This is how you can record your whatsapp calls using this application on your android phone. If you have any doubts regarding this, ask us using comment box.

Record WhatsApp Calls On iOS Device

Below we are providing the trick to record whatsapp call on your iOS device i.e., on your apple phone. Just follow the step-by-step procedure from below to know the trick of recording Whatsapp calls.

1. Download and Install Cydia. Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
2. Here in Cydia, search and download Watusi in BigBoss repo.
3. Watusi s is a fully paid application so it will be a great option if you can purchase it, otherwise, you can also get it for free from various sources available on the internet.
4. After successful installation of Watusi app, just launch the Whatsapp messenger and visit its settings.
5. Here you will find a new option of Watusi Preferences. Here you need to click on the option of Record Calls to enable it.
6. Now, whenever you call using Whatsapp, these calls will be recorded to your device automatically.
7. From Recent Panels button, you can easily check your recorded calls.

Note: You can only record whatsapp calls using all those above mentioned applications. We are informing you that these methods will not be able to record cellular calls or other VOIP calls like IMO, Viber, Skype etc.

So, this is how you can record your whatsapp calls. if you still have any doubts ask using comment box.

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