How to Port from Aircel to Any Other Network | Online UPC Generation

PORT Your AIRCEL SIM, PORT Your AIRCEL SIM card, Aircel port code online. Here we are providing the information regarding how to port from Aircel sim online. As Aircel Network suddenly stopped working, its become a very big problem for those customers of Aircel who are using it from years. Since, as we all know that there are lots of problem in Aircel networks, so many of our users want to port there Aircel number to idea or airtel or Jio or to any other networks, but they can’t able to generate UPC code, because of lack on the network connection with Aircel sim. So, without getting the UPC code, you cannot change to other network. So, we are here coming with the solution to get UPC code. Just follow the tricks mentioned below to get the Aircel UPC Code online.

How to Port from Aircel ?

Below you can see the normal procedure of How to Port out from Aircel to any other network. This method works only if there is a signal with your sim. We are also mentioned another technique, if the signal is not coming. But first of all check out the normal procedure of How to port from Aircel to Airtel, How to port from Aircel to Idea, How to port from Aircel to Jio, How to port from Aircel to Reliance, How to port from Aircel to BSNL & for the other networks you desired to.

How to Port from Aircel to Other Network if Signal Available

  • First of all compose a message from your Aircel number like this : PORT <Your AIRCEL Number>
    Example PORT 97000XXXX
  • After that send this SMS to 1900 number.
  • Now wait for few hours, You will receive an SMS having your UPC code.
  • Now, note down that UPC code and visit any nearest store and ask to port your sim and give this UPC code to them.
  • All done, they will give you the new sim which will get active with one week.

How to Port from Aircel to Other Network if Signal not Available

Method 1

First of all you need to get port code. But there is a network problem with the Aircel & the Port message was not sending. So, you can check out the below mentioned trick to generate the UPC code online. Its Very Essential to Get The Unique Porting Code To Submit Port in Request To Other Operator , But Aircel is Not Sending The UPC Codes, Follow Below Method & You Will Get Port Code Without Aircel Network.

1. Download SIM information App From Play store. The app looks like below.
Sim Card Info

2. Now Call On This Number From Any Operator ‘9852012345′

3. It Will Ask for Your Aircel Number – Just type it

4. It Will Ask for last 5 digits of your sim number (You Can Get That From Above Downloaded SIM Information App, you will see SIM card Serial Number (ICCID))

5. That’s it You Will Get Unique Port Code (UPC) Without Aircel Network 

6. Now Follow Standard Porting Method to Port into Any Available Network.

If Above Number is Not Working Then You Can Try Below Numbers As Well –

Bihar & jharkhand : 9852012345
Delhi : 9716012345
Andhra Pradesh : 9700012345
Assam : 9854012345
Kolkatta : 9804012345
Tamil naidu : 9750999209 /9551299210
Chennai : 98410 12345
Haryana : 9802012345
Himachal Pradesh : 9857012345
Karnataka : 9738012345
Kerala : 9809012345
Madhya Pradesh : 9806012345
Maharashtra : 9762012345
Mumbai : 9768012345
Orrisa : 9856012345
Punjab : 9803012345
Uttar Pradesh : 9808012345
West Bengal : 9851012345

That’s It You Will Get The UPC Code.

For Those Who Are Facing The Problem Detecting The First 2 Digit Of AIRCEL UPC Code Then Follow The Below Code Structure For Your State

Method 2 – How To Get UPC For Aircel To Port Out Online

Here is the Another & Genuine Method to Get The Aircel UPC Code Without Any Hassle Like Above Method , Moreover This Method is Official From Aircel Website. So you can to it with out any doubts in your minds.

1. Now first click this link –

2. Now box appears which will ask the details – Fill Out The Sections of It

3. Fill Out Your Customer Aircel Number & Last 5 digits SIM Number

4. You Can Get The Last 5 digits SIM Number From The SIM information App From Playstore (You Can Get That From Above Downloaded SIM Information App, you will see SIM card Serial Number (ICCID))

5. That’s It , You Will Get The UPC Code To Port Out From Aircel

Method 3 – How To Port Out From Aircel To Airtel/Idea/BSNL/Vodafone/Jio Without UPC

You Can also Port out From Aircel to other networks Without The Unique Porting Code , Follow Below Method.

1, First Of All Just Visit Your Nearest Airtel/Idea/BSNL /Jio/Vodafone Store

2. They Will Ask For Your Aircel Number & Aadhaar Card

3. Airtel/Vodafone/BSNL Will Generate The UPC Code From Their System By Default 

4. Fill Out The Porting Form With Correct Details

5. That’s it You Will Successfully Ported From Aircel Without UPC Code & Network.

Method 4 – How To Port From Aircel With Common Porting Code (!! Unconfirmed Method)

Here is the another alternative method we found In News About Porting From Aircel Network Without Network & Without UPC Code. Though we are Still Unconfirmed About This Method & You Should Try Only At Your Risk. This is just for informative purpose and you have to try this at your own cost.

Aircel has Released The “Common Unique Porting Code” To All Its Customers. Though There is No Official Statement Regarding This.

1. Here is the Aircel UPC Code For All Users – EO767676

2. Complete The Porting Process With This UPC Code In Any Of Your Desire Network & You Will Get Successful Message

3. Do Note That – This is Unconfirmed News & You Should Only Try On Your Risk Or You Have No Methods Left To Try (Eg. Lost SIM)

4. Enjoy The New Network

UPC CODE For AIRCEL (First 2 Digit) 

State/Circle AIRCEL Code
Andhra Pradesh DA
Assam DS
Bihar DB
Delhi DD
Gujarat DG
Haryana DH
Himachal Pradesh DI
Jammu & Kashmir DJ
Karnataka DX
Kerala DL
Kolkata DK
Madhya Pradesh DY
Maharashtra DZ
Mumbai DM
North East DN
Orissa DO
Punjab DP
Rajasthan DR
Tamil Nadu ( including Chennai) DT
UP-East DE
UP-West DW
West Bengal DV

So, these are the methods you have to follow. If you still have any doubts regarding this Aircel porting, ask us using comment box. Also if you know any another method, then share that method using comment box. We will publish that one in our article.

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