How to Get Idea PUK Code | Unlock Sim Card – [Solved]

How to Get Idea PUK Code | Unlock Sim Card – [Solved]. Here we are providing the solution for How to Get PUK Code for Idea Sim Card which is locked. If you are searching for the process of Unblocking of PUK Code for Your Idea Number, then you have landed at the right place. Here you can get the solution for the question How to Get Idea PUK Code. Here you can see for the details of How to unlock your Idea sim card which is locked and asking for PUK Code.

PUK Code full form is Personal unblocking Key. This PUK number is unique for each & every SIM card. PUK Code is generally useful to keep your sim card safe and is also useful to prevent unauthorised use of your sim card.

The PUK blocking will occur because if you have set a password to your sim card in your present phone and if change your sim card to another mobile, it will ask for the PUK Code that you have set in the past. The real problem arises when you forgot that PUK Code. And if you now enter the wrong PUK Code for 3 times, the sim card will get locked. If you enter the wrong PIN or wrong PUK Code repeatedly for 10 times, your sim card will be blocked permanently (Now you will not access Any calls, SMS, internet, MMS). So, here we are providing the solution for this problem. GET Idea PUK Code getting process from this article.

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Idea PUK Code to Unlock Sim Card – [Solved]

Now we are providing the process of How getting Idea PUK Code for your locked sim card. You don’t worry too much about the situation … just follow the procedure we have mentioned here. But remember one thing, you don’t enter the wrong PUK Code repeatedly if you forgot the PIN you have set.

Idea PUK Code

How to Get Idea PUK Code

To get PUK Code for your Idea locked sim card, you can try any one of the following ways :

  1. Unlock Idea PUK code through message
  2. Unlock Idea PUK code through a call to Customer care
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Get Idea PUK Code by SMS

Here you can see the step-by-step process to get your Idea PUK Code for locked sim card.

  • To get IDEA SIM PUK code for your mobile number send an SMS from any other Idea phone type PUK (space) SIM number (18 digit number printed on your SIM card) and send it to “50505” which is a customer care number.
  • Now Send your SIM card 19 digit NUMBER to 4787 for example  <SIM><space><19 digit IDEA SIM card number> to 4787

Note that you have to follow this procedure from another Idea mobile number rather than the locked one.

If the above process doesn’t work for you then follow another procedure given below.

Get Idea PUK Code by Call

This is the very simple procedure to get Idea PUK Code for your locked Idea sim. The simple thing you have to do is just follow the steps mentioned below for unlocking the Idea SIM Card.

  • Take another Idea mobile number which is in normal condition.
  • Make a call from that number to the customer care number 198.
  • Now Carefully listen to IVRS system and select the option PUK.
  • Make a request for the PUK code for your SIM number/ mobile number.
  • provide the answers for the customer care questions like the name of card holder (Proof at the time of purchase), address, 19-digit SIM number which is printed on the backside of the SIM.
  • Please note down the PUK code given by the customer care executive.
  • Now Enter the PUK Code in your locked mobile to unlock it.
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We hope this article will help you for Unlocking or Unblocking of your Idea Sim Card. Suggest this website to your friends and they will also get aware of it. Also Share your thoughts, Opinions and Doubts using comment box if any.


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