How to Check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength | Increase BSNL Wimax Speed

BSNL Wimax is the internet providing device that gives super fast internet to its users. BSNL Wimax is the unique technology developed for first in India by BSNL. Wimax is the short-cut name for Worlwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. So, by using BSNL Wimax internet can be available with a high speed. As we mentioned that BSNL Wimax is providing the high speed internet, but How to check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength to see the internet speed of BSNL Wimax ?… Here we are providing the BSNL Wimax Signal Strength checking process & How to increase the speed of BSNL Wimax. So, if you are searching for How to Check BNSL Wimax Signal Strength in search engines, then you are lucky and have landed at the place the where information you need is available along with much more information about that. Below you will see the detailed information relating to How to check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength & How to Increase BSNL Wimax speed to boost the internet speed from BSNL Wimax.

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How to Check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength

Interesting thing about Wimax technology is that it provides fixed as well as mobile, high speed Internet connectivity along with roaming facility.

Also BSNL Wimax provides connectivity CPE (Customer premises equipment) in three different types i.e.,

USB Dongle : This can be used by connecting directly to PC/Laptop via USB port.
Indoor : This is best suited for home/ office users.
Outdoor CPE: Best suited for rural areas and in areas where signal strength is poor.

Apart from using any of the above mentioned connectivity type, one can check signal strength using below mentioned step-by-step process for all the connectivity types.

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How to check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength

BSNL Wimax is useful for high-speed internet, but without the effective signal strength we cannot get that high-speed internet for usage. So, follow the step-by-step process of How to check BSNL Wimax Signal Strength from here

  1. First of open your admin panel of BSNL Wimax
  2. This can be done by entering the url” in your browser.
  3. After entering the above url, BSNL CPE page will appear on the screen.
  4. If you have changed the password earlier, then enter it to login
  5. Other wise enter the “admin“ as user id and password.
  6. Now after entering in to BSNL Wimax admin panel, you can see the page containing the CPE Wimax Status.
  7. You can there see the Wimax System (Good Signal Strength value)
    RSSI :  -75 Below
    CNR :  +20 Above
    TxPwr : 15 Below

That’s how you can check the BSNL Wimax Signal strength, if you further have any doubts ask us using comment box.

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How to Set Signal Strength

You not only can view the BSNL Wimax Signal Strength, but also you can increase or decrease the signal strength of BSNL Wimax.

You can just adjust the signal strength by changing the values that there you can view.

 How to Increase BSNL Wimax Speed

One of the process to increase the BSNL Wimax Speed is by increasing the signal strength of the BSNL Wimax. The procedure to do that is already explained above.

So, if still have any doubts relating to any thing regarding BSNL Wimax issues, ask us using the comment box.

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