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Universal Master Code is the software which helps to unlock your router devices. This Universal master code also useful to unlock the modems for using the different network sim cards on it. This can be done by getting the unlock code and flash code from Universal Master Code. But before going to do that, one must have basic idea of how to get the unlock code. Here we are providing the proper idea of How to get the unlock code and flash code from the universal master code and also providing the latest universal master code for download. First of all download the latest universal master code from this website. We are here providing the latest universal master code from the link provided in this article, download universal master code first and then try to get the unlock code and flash code to unlock your device.

Universal Master Code Calculator

Universal Master Code helps you to unlock your router or modem device, so it will be done by providing the details of your modem or router details like company name, device model name and some other details like IMEI number etc., after giving the required information to the universal master code software after downloading it, it will calculate and the calculation process will take some time, wait till the information that you want is displayed on the screen. Below we are providing it in a detailed manner, where you can understand very clearly. But before doing that download Universal Master code from below.

Download Universal Master code

Universal Master code download link is provided below with its specifications, download the latest version of universal master code from here:

  • File Name: Universal MasterCode.exe
  • File Size: 208 KB
  • File ID: 3630
  • File Type: application/x-msdownload

You can download the Universal Master Code from the above button, below also we are providing the supportive devices for the universal master code.

  • JioFi with all available models like JioFi 1, JioFi 2, JioFi 3, JioFi 4 & all available models of JioFI
  • Huawei with following models
    E156 E155, E1550 E1552, E156G E160, E160G E161 E166,
    169 E169G, E170, E172, E176 E1762 E180 E182E E196 E226 E270,
    E800,E870 E880 EG162 E880 EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G,
    E271, E272, E510 E612 E618 E630 ,E620 E630+ E660 E660a,
    K2540, K3515 , K3520, K3565, K3520, K3565
  • ZTE
  • NEC
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • VK

Also few other companies and their models are supported to get the unlock code and flash code from universal master code.

How to use Universal Master Code to get Unlock Code and Flash Code

Below we are providing step-by-step process of how to get unlock code and flash code using Universal Master Code.

  • First of all Download Universal Master Code Calculator Software from The above provided link.
  • Next Open it.
  • Now click on your device company name.
  • Enter your modem or router IMEI number when it prompts for it and click on the calculate button.
  • Now it will take time to calculate & you will get Unlock Code and a Flash code.unlock code and flash code using universal master code
  • Copy the unlock code
  • Now insert any other SIM in your modem and run the Modem Dashboard
  • It will ask you for the Unlock , enter the unlock code that you have got
  • Finally your modem will be unlocked.

Now you enjoy using your modem using the other network sim card. If you still have any doubts relating to any thing regarding universal master code, ask us using the comment box.


  1. IMEI No:- 8652770220040396

    Serial No:- P2QDW14B18011600

    Model No:- Huawei Vodafone K4203I

    Using the Universal Master Code, I got the Unlock Code:- 51121433 and Flash:- 43745278.

    But I am still not able to unlock the dongle.

    Whenever I put another SIM in it (like Airtel), and run the modem, I don’t get any popup asking for the unlock code. I only get a popup saying “Invalid SIM. Contact Customer Care”.

    DC-Unlocker was also of no help in unlocking this Dongle.

    Kindly help me, Sir.

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