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JioFi device is the hotspot device which will provide the Internet for its users which is usable as Wi-Fi device. JioFi device comes with some specific firmware at the time of manufacture. This firmware may or may not support other networks sim cards to allow the internet using them in this device. So, this firmware up-gradation is useful for this problem along with some other problems rectification. JioFi Latest Version Download will helps also to increase the current speed of your internet speed of JioFi. So Download JioFi firmware for these benefits. Also the current JioFi Firmware routers like PEG_M2_B20 faces a lots of trouble while functioning. So, its better to download the JioFi firmware for the smooth functioning of the JioFi router. Also some other issues such as no option to enter the DNS address manually and the problem of overheating of the routers when charged and used simultaneously can also be solved. Here we are providing the process of How to download JioFi Firmware latest Version & How to upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest Version in a step-by-step process.

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How to Download JioFi Firmware Latest Version

If you are searching for How to Download JioFi Firmware for Latest Version, then you have landed at the right place. Here we are providing the detailed explanation of How to Download JioFi Firmware Latest version and How to Upgrade JioFi firmware to latest version. So, have a look at the technique from below in a step-by-step process.

But before you going to do this latest firmware download, keep some basic points on mind to finish this process in a smooth manner like fully charge the JioFi device & remember the login id and password of JioFi login panel.

Process of How to Download & Upgrade JioFi Firmware Latest Version

Just follow the below mentioned process to do the download of JioFi firmware latest version & to upgrade the JioFi to latest version.

  • Turn on JioFi device first & establish a secure connectivity between JioFi Device & your PC.
  • Make Sure that your JioFi device is fully charged before doing this activity.
  • Login to your JioFi Admin panel.
  • You only able to login to admin panel using any of these urls i.e., ‘ or http://jiofi.local.html
  • After entering any of the links, you now have to give the valid login credentials to login to admin panel.
  • If don’t know user id and password just try admin as user id & admin as password
  • After successful login, click ‘firmware Upgrade’ option under ‘Setting’ tab from the menu.
  • Now Check out for the installed firmware version beneath ‘Device Software Version’ field.
  • Now click on ‘Browse’ option under ‘Software Upgrade’ field & select the location where JioFi firmware is available & select it.
  • After firmware selection, click on the ‘Apply’ button to start the firmware upgrade.
  • Just wait for few minutes till the firmware is downloaded, this is some what time taking process. Once updated, the JioFi router will reboot automatically.
  • Finally, just hard reset JioFi router to restore the factory default settings.
  • Now, you can connect again your PC/mobile to the updated JioFi router.
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This is the simplest process to download JioFi latest version.

Due to factory default settings restored in your JioFi device, you now need factory default logins to access the admin panel for the first time after JioFi router reset. These default login credentials are admin for both user id and password. You may be able to change them once you have logged in using the default logins.

so, if you follow the process carefully, you will be able to download & upgrade the latest version of firmware. So, if you have done with the process ….. its fine. Other wise if you are unable to do the thing ask us from comment box. Also ask any doubts relating to JioFi using the comment box.

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  1. Plzz send the Jiofi m2s firmware updates latest version sir Alex plz..
    I have subscribed to ur channel and read all step by step without single skip..Plzz send the link

  2. I am using jio fi 3 with Current Software Version:FXN_JMR540_R6.11 i had download your update file (JioFi_JMR520_R6.20) but its shows (Software upgrade failure) can u solve this.

  3. hello friend, i am using jio fi 5 . from kerala. in my locations network speed is very poor. cant load a single page. so i want to unlock my joi fi 5. pls help me

  4. I am using jio fi 3 with Current Software Version:FXN_JMR540_R6.11 i had download your update file (JioFi_JMR520_R6.20) but its shows (Software upgrade failure) can u solve this.

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