CS Executive Syllabus for December 2018 Applicable

CS Executive Syllabus for December 2018. CS Executive is the entrance exam to get into the CS Course. So, students who are willing to study CS Executive must know the Syllabus applicable for the upcoming CS Executive exam. We have already provided CS Executive Study Material in our previous article. Here we are providing CS Executive Syllabus Applicable for Dec 2018 Exams. So, check out the full details regarding CS Executive Syllabus from this article. You can also know about CS Executive containing Subjects & also the subject weight-age marks from below. Also you can check out for CS Executive Minimum Passing Marks & Subject wise passing marks requirement. Checkout New applicable Syllabus for CS Executive Subjects i.e., Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws, Company Law, Setting up of Business Entities & Closure, Tax Laws, Corporate & Management Accounting, Securities Laws & Capital Markets, Economic, Business and Commercial Laws, Financial and Strategic Management. CS Executive December 2018 exams will be held on 20th and 28th December 2018

CS Executive Syllabus for December 2018

Before going to see for CS Executive Syllabus for Dec 2018 Exams, lets check out for the subjects list and the weightage of marks.

CS Executive Subjects List & Weightage

From below table you can get the information about CS Executive subjects list and the weightage of each subject.

Module – 1

  1. Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws
  2. Company Law
  3. Setting up of Business Entities and Closure
  4. Tax Laws

Module – 2

  1. Corporate & Management Accounting
  2. Securities Laws & Capital Markets
  3. Economic, Business and Commercial Laws
  4. Financial and Strategic Management

CS Executive Syllabus – New Syllabus 

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Applicability of New Syllabus for the CS Executive Programme Students

First Exam Under New Syallabus

  • The first examination of the CS Executive Programme under the new syllabus shall be held in December, 2018
Registration Starts March 2018:
  • Candidates registered effective from 1st March, 2018 shall be examined under the new syllabus 2017. That means if you registered prior to 01-03-2018 shall be allowed to appear in the Executive Program Examination under the old syllabus 2013 upto and including December, 2019.
Option to Appear under New Syllabus
  • Candidates registered prior to 1st March, 2018 will be permitted to appear in the Executive Program Examination under the new syllabus if they so opt.

Last Exam under Old Syllabus:

  • The last examination of the CS Executive Programme under the old syllabus shall be held in December, 2019
Exam Under New Syllabus only
  • From and including June 2020, Executive Programme Examination shall be held under the new syllabus only.

CS Executive Subjects as per Latest ICSI Syllabus

Modules Subjects in Old Syllabus Subjects in New Syllabus from 2018 Marks for Each Subject
Module 1 Company Law Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Laws 100 Marks
Cost & Management Accounting Company Law 100 Marks
Economic & Commercial Laws Setting up of Business Entities and Closure 100 Marks
Tax Laws & Practice Tax Laws 100 Marks
Module 2 Company Accountants and Auditing Practices Corporate & Management Accounting 100 Marks
Capital Markets and Securities Laws Securities Laws & Capital Markets 100 Marks
Industrial, Labor and General Laws Economic, Business and Commercial Laws 100 Marks
Financial and Strategic Management 100 Marks
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CS Executive Old Syllabus (Applicable from 2013)

There are 7 papers in CS Executive exam. 4 papers are in Module 1 of CS Executive and remaining 3 papers are in module 2. Following are the subjects of the CS executive program.

CS Executive Subjects in Old Syllabus

Module 1

  • Company Law
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Economic & Commercial Laws
  • Tax Laws & Practice

Module 2 

  • Company Accountants and Auditing Practices
  • Capital Markets and Securities Laws
  • Industrial, Labor and General Laws

CS Executive Syllabus – Old Syllabus

CS Executive Exam Pattern – Old Syllabus

The Institute has introduced OMR based Exam in the following three subjects of the CS Executive Programme wherein students are required to attain working knowledge, with effect from December, 2014 Exam:

  • (i) Cost and Management Accounting ( Module-I)
  • (ii) Tax Laws and Practice (Module-I)
  • (iii) Industrial, Labour and General Laws (Module-II)

In the above three subjects, candidates’ knowledge, competency and proficiency would be examined through objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) under OMR system. However, in the remaining four subjects of the Executive Programme, viz.(i) Company Law,(ii) Economic and Commercial Laws,(iii) Company Accounts and Auditing Practices, and(iv) Capital Markets and Securities Laws, candidates would continue to be examined through descriptive exam.

In OMR based examination, each paper shall be of three hours duration having 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of one mark each. The questions shall be of average, above average and difficult level covering entire syllabus. In case any paper is divided into different Parts, i.e., Part – A, Part – B, etc., requisite number of questions shall be asked from the respective Part corresponding to the weightage of marks as prescribed in the syllabus.Each question shall contain four answer options and the candidate shall be required to select one option as his/her correct answer and mark in the OMR answer sheet by darkening the respective circle with blue/black ball point pen.

Negative marking for wrong answers attempted by the candidates will be implemented w.e.f. December, 2015 session of examination in the ratio of 1: 4, i.e. deduction of one (1) mark for every four (4) wrong answers and total marks obtained by the candidates in such papers would be rounded up to next whole number. Further, the negative marks would be limited to the extent of marks secured for correct answers so that no candidate shall secure less than zero mark in the above subjects.

Question paper booklet for (i) Cost and Management Accounting (Module-I) and (ii) Tax Laws and Practice (Module -I) papers shall be provided in English language only. However, candidates who opt for writing the exam in Hindi medium shall be provided question paper booklet of Industrial, Labour and General Laws (Module-II) paper in English along with its Hindi version. However, the OMR Answer sheets for all the 3 subjects would be provided in English language only.

So, this is the Syllabus for CS Executive Exam. If you think this is useful … share this article with your friends. Ask all your doubts if any relating to CS Executive Course via comment box.

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