Why My Airtel Sim Card Not Working ? Here is the Solution !! [Resolved]

Is your Airtel Sim Card not working. Are you facing the problem of Airtel Sim Card not Working ?? Don’t worry about the problem, because it can be solved. Not only you, many of our blog readers are also asking the same question and are happy with the solution that we have provided here. Actually the problems of Airtel Sim Card not working are many types & here we are providing the solution for all the problems relating to this problems. Normally the problem with Airtel Sim are like Airtel Sim Card Not Working, Airtel Post Paid Sim Not Working, Airtel prepaid sim not working, How to fix mobile network not available for Airtel, Airtel Sim Card Complaints, Airtel post paid Sim card complaints, How to Fix not registered on Network, Airtel Sim showing only emergency calls. Airtel Prepaid sim card complaints, How to unlock my Airtel Sim Card, How to get airtel PUK code, Airtel 3G Connection problems, Airtel 4G connection problems, isn’t my airtel sim receiving 3G/4G network? etc.. are what the problems facing by airtel customers. So, here we are providing the solution to solve all the kind of sim card problems relating to airtel. Lets check it from below.

Why My Airtel Sim Card Not Working ?

The problems of not working the Airtel sim may occur due to any technical error from the network side or any setting change by the user by mistake. So, if you have any of the problem, don’t worry about that, we are here giving the solution to solve all these kinds of problems.

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Some of our blog readers recently sent the mail regarding the problem like I have been using the Airtel simcard from last 10 years, but now suddenly my sim card no working and showing the message like emergency calls only & also showing no network

In order to fix these kind of issues, just follow the below mentioned solutions.

Airtel Sim Card Not Working – Problem Solved

These kind of problems like Airtel Sim not woking can be solved in various kinds. Follow the following processes to make your airtel Sim card work well.

Complaining Online about the Problem

Complaining online about the problem you have encountered is the one of the best solution to get rid of the problem. It can be done by the following manner.

  • Visit Airtel Complaints Portal.
  • Click here to go to Airtel Complaints Portal
  • After entering the Airtel online complaints portal, first of all select your network type.
  • Now click on Complaint.
  • Next give your details which they asked for and give your alternative number to reach the customer care of Airtel.
  • Finally enter the problem of yours in detailed
  • Now click on Submit.
  • Now the compliant will be filed
  • Take a note of Complaint ID for your reference
  • Airtel Customer Support Team will reach you to the alternative number you have provided and your problem will be solved in 24 hours or in a week based on problem.
  • You can also track your complaint status by clicking here
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How to Track Compliant Status

After submitting your Airtel Sim Card problem online. You can track your Airtel complaint status by following the below process. But to know that, you must have the complaint ID number that given by the Airtel Complaints portal at the time of submitting your complaint. So, note down the complaint ID number somewhere at the time of complaint submit. To track your complaint status, just follow the below mentioned step-by-step process.

  • Click on this link first
  • now select service type
  • Next enter the Complaint ID number.
  • Finally enter the mobile number & click on submit.
  • Next page displays the tracking of your complaint status

Complain at Nearest Airtel Store

The one more best option to solve your Airtel Sim not working problem is by complaining the issue in the nearest Airtel Show room.

To know your nearest Airtel Store Click here

After clicking on the above link. provide your city name or pincode to locate the nearest Airtel store.

  • Now visit nearest Airtel Store
  • Complain about the problem that you are facing with your Airtel simcard.
  • Give your Airtel Number &required information to them when they asked for.
  • Also give your alternative phone number & take the phone number of the Airtel Store complaints person.
  • After that they will submit the complaint
  • Take the Complaint ID number from the support team
  • The problem will be solved by the Airtel customer care team in 24 hours or in time of 1 week.
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Complaining by Calling to Airtel Customer care

The one more easiest way to get rid of your Airtel Sim Card not working problem is by complaining to customer care service by calling to them.

  • Take another sim card of the same network
  • Call to any of the numbers 121 or 198
  • Listen to the IVRS
  • Finally get in contact with the Customer care executive
  • Discuss about the problem you are facing with your sim card and tell them your sim card number
  • Now they will submit the complaint and gives you the complaint reference number, note it down somewhere or otherwise they will also message you after the complaint submitted successfully.
  • After that your problem will be resolved in 24 hours or takes more time like 1 week based on the type of problem.

Click here for more Airtel Customer Care Numbers which directly you can involve.

so, these is how you can solve the problem of Airtel Sim card not working problem. If you still have any doubts ask us using comment box.

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  1. My number is 9898033763 and have international roaming . I am in USA. Unable to make and receive calls. Can’t call 121. Tried to chat for solution but that was not fruitful, every few seconds I got “oophs! something went wrong. After a few trials gave up. The card was working for more than two years, Suddenly it is either “emergency calls” or “Not registered”. My number in USA is +1 425 614 7129.

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