How to Fix Aircel Sim Card Not Working Problem – Resolved

Are you looking for the solution for How to Fix Aircel Sim Card Not Working Problem. You have landed at right place. Aircel sim Customers are most frequently asking us about this problem. If you face the problem of Aircel Sim Not working properly, then don’t worry about the problem, We are coming here with the solution for the same. If you have any of the mentioned problems, then you can follow the problem solving step-by-step procedure mentioned in this article. Normally the Problems with Aircel will be like Aircel Sim showing no service, Aircel Sim not detected, Aircel Network Problem, Aircel Sim not Showing Network, Aircel Sim Internet Problem, Aircel Sim showing not registered on Network, Aircel Sim showing Emergency Calls Only, How to Fix Mobile Network not available, Aircel PUK code problems, Aircel Sim Card suddenly not working, Aircel Prepaid Sim Card Complaints, Aircel Post paid Sim Card Complaints etc.., like any other problems like those. If you have any problems like these, then you have landed at the right place to find out the solution for that.

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Aircel Sim Card Not Working

Recently some of the blog reader are sending me the messages that they are facing the problems with Aircel Sim Card like ” iam using my Aircel sim from nearly 6-7 years without any issues but suddenly from yesterday it was showing a message SIM card is not ready. There is no network available on my mobile from Aircel. ”

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So, just do the things that we have mentioned below for those kind of problems.

Complain at Nearest Aircel Store

One of the best solution to solve your aircel sim card problem is by complaining about the problem at your nearest aircel showroom.

To know your nearest Aircel Store Click here

After clicking on the above link. Select your City to locate the nearest Aircel store.

  • Now visit nearest Aircel Store
  • Complain about the problem that you are facing with your Aircel simcard.
  • Give your Aircel Number &required information to them when they asked for.
  • Also give your alternative phone number & take the phone number of the Aircel Store complaints person.
  • After that they will submit the complaint.
  • Take the Complaint ID number from the support team
  • The problem will be solved by the Aircel customer care team in 24 hours or in time of 1 week.
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Complaining by Calling to Aircel Customer care

The one more easiest way to get rid of your Aircel Sim Card not working problem is by complaining to customer care service by calling to them.

  • Take another sim card of the same network
  • Call to any of the numbers 121 or 198
  • Listen to the IVRS
  • Finally get in contact with the Customer care executive
  • Discuss about the problem you are facing with your sim card and tell them your sim card number.
  • Now they will submit the complaint and gives you the complaint reference number, note it down somewhere or otherwise they will also message you after the complaint submitted successfully.
  • After that your problem will be resolved in 24 hours or takes more time like 1 week based on the type of problem.
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Click here for more Aircel Customer Care Numbers which directly you can involve.

Online Complaints

  • Visit Aircel Online Complaints Portal
  • Click here to go to that page
  • Now enter your mobile number
  • Now give your details & mention your problem
  • Provide Alternative Mobile number
  • Now File your complaint by clicking on submit Button
  • Note down the Complaint id number
  • Aircel Customer Support Team will reach you to the alternative number you have provided and your problem will be solved in 24 hours or in a week based on problem.

So, these is how you can solve the problem of Aircel Sim card not working problem. If you still have any doubts ask us using comment box.


  1. I am using Aircel mobile number for the past 10 years. I have my number registered in Banks, LIC, Credit cards , Parcel Services, IRCTC, Hospitals,GAS Booking Agency and also in many other services . in last 2/3 days I am not able to do any communication showing No Network. Main problem is I could not do any bank transactions as my OTP Comes in this number. So Please do the needful to reactivate the service or please send the Port number.
    Subrata Nag

  2. The link for online complaints asks us to login using the aircel no. And for confirmation sends OTP how am I supposed to get the OTP if there is no singal in my aircel sim???

  3. Sir, I have recharged my monthly net pack on AIRCEL but last few days not showing 3g network after that showing no network, I am unable to do any Internet related work so What should I,do….. Please help me me….

  4. Dear Sir,
    I got the UPS code from AirCel to port for another network, but when i tried to port for Airtel. I got another SMS from Aircell stating that your UPS code is incorrect and rejected. I called the IVR of Aircell and got the same UPS Code which i got the SMS from Aircel. My Aircel Number is 8553028288 can you pls check and update.

      1. In case there is no network and I have to port my sim than what should I do all the method mentioned above failed except for going on store.

        1. Reply to @dip : If all the above mentioned methods doesn’t work, the only option with you is to go to airtel or idea or to another mobile network providing stores and ask them to port directly. They will do the port to their network, but they will maximum prefer for postpaid

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